Monday, December 8, 2008

Latest Batch Of Ads

Submissions are still very much welcome; this is my pick of the latest batch:

I was inspired by the British Humanist Association's plan to create an atheist bus campaign.

I had a couple of meetings with them, along with the media agency, Naked, and shared some ideas, but it now looks like we won't be working together. They're a cool bunch of people, but they have decided to commit all the funds raised by their campaign to the original bus-side concept.

I still want to promote atheism in other ways; it looks like I am just going to have to do it myself, guerrilla stylee.

To that end, Scowling A.D. and I have a meeting with a very talented director tomorrow morning, to discuss shooting this script as a test:

We open in a typical large bookshop, e.g. Waterstone’s. Maybe we’re upstairs.

There are quite a few customers milling around, and one member of staff.

When the member of staff goes off somewhere, the ‘customers’ all swing into action. Each of them pulls out two or three copies of the bible (same edition), and place them on the Fiction table (there’s a sign clearly marked Fiction), then they scurry away.

We film the reactions of normal customers and members of staff, when they see this new display.

Title: DiscoverAtheism.Info

I think this could make for an amusing and thought-provoking piece of film, something akin to the style of Whopper Freakout. Incidentally, this was also written by a U.S.-based team.

I'll keep you informed of how it goes.


26 said...
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26 said...
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Anonymous said...

How do I post up an ad Scamp??

Scamp said...

You can send me something at simon dot veksner at bbh dot co dot uk

Anonymous said...

There was an advertising campaign in New Zealand, for God, I thought you'd be interested.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the bus campaign goes far enough. It reads more like an agnostic viewpoint: "There's Probably No God". sounds lame!

sal said...

Might the first ad have been "inspired" from this line i wrote when the atheistic project was launched?;) take a look.:)